Treasure Hunts for Kids - See all>>

With our treasure hunts for kids you can easy send a group of children off on an exciting adventure! Order, download and print out all material needed. There will be an engaging story and a mission to be solved, clues, riddles and challenges to be solved – leading up to a treasure to be found or a reward to be collected in the end of the game. Easy to set up and superfun for the kids. Many treasure hunts are available adjusted to different age groups. Choose between different popular themes.

App Scavenger Hunts - See all>>

Create a mobile treasure hunt for kids or a virtual event for adults – super easy! The story and puzzles are already made, you decide where and when! App scavenger hunts are perfect for kids’ parties, company events or just some fun with the friends. Affordable, easy to set up and run and off course exciting and lot’s of fun for the participants!

Murder Mystery Games - See all>>

With our Murder Mystery Games it is easy to host a murder mystery party without too much hassle or asking you guests to dress up and prepare. Neither do you need a certain number of participants – you can be just a few or many to help solve our clever murder mysteries!

Quizzes & Party Games - See all>>

Add some entertainment to your party or dinner! A clever quiz or a fun party games will make it a gathering to remember. Our quizzes include entertaining questions, ready made answer sheets and palylists. Ready to print and play!

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