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Dinosaur Adventure age 7-10

Dinosaur Adventure age 7-10


A perfect treasure hunt for kids who take an interest in dinosaurs! The children are asked to help Brontosaurus Betty on her quest to retrieve the eggs that were stolen by the naughty Pterodactyl…

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Treasure Hunt: Dinosaur Adventure age 7-10

Does your child like dinosaurs? Then you should organise a treasure hunt in Dinosaur Valley for a birthday party or a fun activity at your next event. The mischievous Terry the Pterodactyl has hidden Betty Brontosaurus’ six eggs – and it’s the kid’s job to get the eggs back before they hatch!

Everything you need is included with the product. The treasure hunt is delivered by email right after payment and is ready to be printed out. Then it only takes half an hour to organise an exciting treasure hunt with clues, puzzles and challenges for your little dinosaur-lovers! It can be played practically anywhere, inside, outside or a bit of both. All of our treasure hunts are specially designed and can only be purchased from us.

In this treasure hunt, the children are whisked back to prehistoric times and sent on an adventure to Dinosaur Valley where they meet all kinds of interesting characters: the fun-loving Audrey Ankylosaurus, Steve Stegosaurus, Polly and Terry the Pterodactyls, Tina the Triceratops and many more. The kids need to solve various puzzles to help Brontosaurus mother Betty find her eggs before they hatch.

Dinosaur Adventure comes in two levels of difficulty, one suitable for children approximately 4-6 years of age and another for kids approximately 7-10 years of age. Here you’ll find the Dinosaur Adventure for ages 4-6>>

The treasure hunt is played as a large team together and works equally well at small or large parties. If you have a large number of children, it is easy to divide into two or more teams – different ways of doing this are explained in the instructions. The treasure hunt takes about 40 minutes to play.

Included in the treasure hunt:
– Instructions
– Game Plan
– Clues
– Pages with puzzles
– Challenge cards
– Cards the kids get after each solved puzzle
– Props/Materials needed
– A diploma for each participant