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Jungle Adventure age 4-6

Jungle Adventure age 4-6


An exciting treasure hunt for little explorers! Send the kids on a jungle expedition in search of the Forgotten City and the hidden treasure! It promises to become an action-packed adventure full of…

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Treasure Hunt: Jungle Adventure age 4-6

An exciting treasure hunt for any young explorer! Send the kids on a jungle expedition in search of the Forgotten City and to find the hidden treasure! It promises to be an action-packed adventure with fun challenges, interesting puzzles and wild animal encounters! Everything you need is included – just add your imagination!

Our treasure hunts are original products created especially for kids to get involved in an interactive adventure. With an exciting story and mysterious puzzles the kids experience a fantastic jungle expedition! With the help of our easy-to-follow structure, clever game plan, adaptations for different age groups and interesting puzzles and challenges, it’s easy to organise a truly amazing party. The game can be played at any home, inside or outside. You can also adjust the duration of the game by including or excluding challenges and it works for any number of children. If you’re a large group, you can divide into teams. The approximate length of the game is 40-60 minutes depending on how many you are and where the game takes you.

The treasure hunt follows a game plan whereby the kids receive clues to find puzzles and challenges that must be completed in order to find their way to the Forgotten City of the ancient Mayas – somewhere deep in the jungle. There is also a valuable hidden treasure that must be rescued from the hands of ruthless treasure hunters. It’s a real jungle adventure!

Even an invitation to a jungle party from the expedition leader is included!