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Murder Mystery Event: Murder at Mystery Manor

Murder Mystery Event: Murder at Mystery Manor


A murder mystery suitable for larger groups. Everyone teams up and carefully reads the murder mystery’s short chapters. Who can figure our who the murderer at Mystery Manor is?

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Murder Mystery Event: Murder at Mystery Manor

The Count and Countess have invited their friends to spend a quiet weekend at Mystery Manor, but the weekend turns out anything but calm… Already on the first evening, it’s not just dinner that’s on the menu, but also murder! This is the event version of Murder at Mystery Manor that is suitable for a larger number of participants that want to solve an exciting murder mystery.

If you are a larger number of participants for example at a company event and want to let everyone participate in solving a thrilling murder mystery this is the event version of our most popular murder mystery – Murder at Mystery Manor. In this product you get 14 short chapters of the Murder Mystery to place in different locations. Let the teams go from chapter to chapter and read the story. To help them, before starting off, each team receives a booklet with the synopsis of the main characters in the drama and a few questions about the murder weapon, motive and opportunity – some clues are important, others are not. The teams answer the questions as they go and finally try to reveal the identity of the murderer!

The time required for one team to go through the whole thing is about 45 minutes, 14 teams complete the event in about 1.5 hours. The teams have to read the chapters in the right order, which means that the activity is ideal in combination with mingling and refreshments at the start and finish. The total number of participants and the time you can allow for the event decides how many participants you have in each team.

At a smaller party with a seated dinner we recommend Murder at Mystery Manor in its regular version, where a narrator reads four chapters of the murder mystery during dinner. This version is available here>>

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