The Detective Mystery, age 4-6


Rare books have disappeared from the library in Little Newbury and a reward has been offered to those who can return them. Let the children turn into miniature detectives and have them follow clues…

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Treasure Hunt: The Detective Mystery, age 4-6

The prankster Shifty McSly sneaks around Little Newbury and mysterious things are happening. Shockingly, six precious, rare books have disappeared from the library! The town’s clumsy detective, Fergus Finn, has accepted the challenge to find the thief and retrieve the missing books and he is on the lookout, but librarian Linda Landon knows from experience that he’ll need assistance and asks for help. She has promised a reward to those who can retrieve the missing books!

Send the kids on a fun adventure by playing the Detective Mystery. Like all of our treasure hunts, the Detective Mystery is a unique product that is clever, fun and easy to set up. With the help of our well-designed guide and game plan you can easily organise an expert treasure hunt, at home or away, inside or outside. The treasure hunt works anywhere! The kids follow clues that lead them to brain-teasing puzzles and challenges that must be completed in order to find the missing books.

The Detective Mystery works in a wide variety of contexts: at a birthday party, an activity for a children’s group or simply to add entertainment to an event. The treasure hunt is easy and quick to prepare. Everything you need is included in the product that you print out yourself – nothing else is required!

In the downloaded file, you will receive:
– an easy to use guide
– a game plan that is your tool for organising the treasure hunt
– suggested clues and hiding places to choose from and then use to play the game
– puzzles for each hiding place as well as challenge cards
– fun and creative props to use
– diplomas to hand out at the end for keen detective work!

The Detective Mystery is adapted for children in two age groups. This game is intended for children aged 4-6. A slightly harder version for kids aged 7-10 can be found here>>

You can organise the treasure hunt for small or large groups or simply divide the kids into teams. Suggestions and tips on how to set up the game are included in the guide.

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    Good story and riddles for the kids.

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