The Princess Mystery, age 4-6


The perfect party activity for little girls who dream of being a princess! A fun treasure hunt where all little princesses (and princes) join forces to save Prince Florian, who has been turned into a frog by an evil fairy!

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Treasure Hunt: The Princess Mystery, age 4-6

The perfect party activity for all little girls (and boys) with dreams of becoming a princess (or prince)! The Princess Mystery is a really fun treasure hunt where all the little princesses must help Princesses Lily, Violet and Daisy of Clover Castle rescue their friend Prince Florian – who has been turned into a frog and locked up in the highest tower of the castle by an evil fairy! The prince can only be transformed back into human form by receiving a kiss from one or more princesses! This is the perfect game for your princess party!

Our treasure hunts are specially designed and cleverly made so that you can organise them easily anywhere, inside or out. You select the hiding places that are appropriate for the place where the activity will take place. Everything you need is included in the product; you simply download it and print out. It is quickly and easily arranged in under half an hour.

The kids get to go on a treasure hunt they’ll never forget! As they get clues to find different hiding places, they encounter exciting puzzles and challenges and collect six keys that are needed to open the tower room door, find the frog and turn him back into a prince! For each puzzle solved, the children get a key card. And a treasure is waiting at the end for all the little princesses!

The treasure hunt can be played with practically any number of kids, if you’re quite a few you can divide up into teams. Suggestions on how to do this is available in the instructions of the product. The treasure hunt can be set up with or without challenges depending on how much time you have, normally it takes about +/- 40 minutes to play, again depending on the number of children playing and where you set it up.

You receive clear step-by-step instructions of how to organise the game, including a game plan that acts as a guide for the game leader. You also get well-designed puzzles, challenges and cards that are needed to play the game – everything is ready to print out! You also get a diploma for each little princess to take home.

The Princess Mystery comes in two versions with different levels of difficulty, one for kids aged 4-6 and another that is slightly more challenging for kids aged 7-10. This version is suitable for children aged 4-6.

Here you’ll find the Princess Mystery for children 7-10 years>>

Also included as an extra file is an easy-to-use word file invitation to use if you are inviting your kid’s friends for a princess party!

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  2. 5 out of 5


    A classic story and fun game. The kids enjoyed very much.

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