Treasure Hunt for Kids


With our ready-made treasure hunt, you can organise a fun treasure hunt within a few minutes! The treasure hunt can be used right away and works in any home. Quick, easy and fun!

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Treasure Hunt for Kids

With our ready-made simple treasure hunt you can organise an amazing treasure hunt in minutes!

In this treasure hunt you will find 30 clue cards – you choose how many and which ones you want to use. This way you can adjust the duration of the game, the level of difficulty according to age as well as where to set it up. This treasure hunt is mainly for inside use however there are some clues that lead outside, that can be included if you wish. The clues work in any home.

You can arrange this treasure hunt for one child or a group of children. It is fun to do it together with friends and work together to figure out all the clues. The clues are descriptions, pictures, riddles and rhymes. An adult is needed to help the younger children read but older children can read the short clues themselves. This treasure hunt is suitable and fun for all children from about 3 years old up to about 10.

Use the treasure hunt to find goodie bags at a kids’ party, do an egg hunt at Easter, or to keep the kids occupied when the grown-ups at the party have not yet finished eating and talking.

The treasure hunt includes a lot of clue cards, so you probably won’t use them all. Save them, change them around and use them again – in another place!

This is a simple treasure hunt with clues leading to the next clue – easy to set up and easy to do! If you want a treasure hunt with an exciting story, clues, puzzles and challenges check out our themed treasure hunts!

If you want to do a simple treasure hunt outside – you have clue cards to download here>>

printable treasure hunt clues for kids

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