The Halloween Mystery, age 4-6


Perfect for the Halloween Party! In the Halloween Mystery, the kids help Count Gregor find the hidden treasure at Hertzog Castle. The treasure is of course well-protected by witches and wizards, vampires, monsters, and ghosts….

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The Halloween Mystery, age 4-6

This exciting Halloween treasure hunt is a “must” for the Halloween party for kids! Somewhere at Count Gregor’s faraway home, Hertzog Castle, lies a hidden treasure but it is guarded by the castle’s many creepy inhabitants: Mystic Mathilda, Wizard Wizzicus, Frankenstein’s monster, Count Gregor’s relative from Transylvania and many more. In order to find the treasure, curious puzzles and fun challenges must be completed!

In the treasure hunt package, you get everything you need to organise a seriously fun Halloween mystery game for the kids. Just print out the file and set it up. You create the treasure hunt using the easy-to-follow game plan. With the help of our guide, you choose the hiding places, clues and challenges and then arrange them for the children to find and solve. The treasure hunt can be played in any home, inside or outside.

The treasure is in a secret chamber that must be unlocked by six keys. Each time the children defeat a monster or solve a puzzle, they get a key card until they reach the treasure. Easy to organise for you – super fun and suitably scary for the kids!

The puzzles and challenges are tailored for two different age groups, 4-6 och 7-10 and are appropriately difficult. This version is for the younger kids, a slightly more difficult version for 7-10 years you find here>>

This is a perfect game for the kids’ Halloween party or for an autumn birthday party! Ask the kids to dress up in Halloween costumes, add some Halloween snacks and just a little bit of imagination and you are ready to set out to solve a super fun Halloween Mystery!

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    Zach H.

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    Fast delivery, well presented story and questions. A bit complicated description of the process. But basically a great idea and practical

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    Amelia D.

    Good experience!

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