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Easter Adventure age 4-6

Easter Adventure age 4-6


A fun egg hunt for children! Help Edna the hen find her six eggs, that have gone missing, by solving riddles and completing challenges. It’s crucial for the kids to help Edna, as she promised to give…

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Treasure Hunt: Easter Adventure age 4-6

A super fun egg hunt for the kids! Help Edna the hen find her six extra eggs that have gone missing by using clues, solving puzzles and completing challenges. There is a very special egg to be found at the end! It’s crucial that the kids help Edna since she promised to give her extra eggs to the Easter Bunny so that he has enough for his egg hunt this year! It can be played inside or out, with just one or two children, or a whole group.

A classic egg hunt with a twist – finding real eggs! In this treasure hunt, the kids get clues that lead them to different places. Once they have solved a puzzle, they find an egg that Edna’s mischievous chicks have hidden. When the six missing eggs are all back in the nest, there is one final egg to find!

The Easter Adventure is easy to prepare and everything you need is included in the product. As soon as you’ve ordered and paid, the product is sent directly to your email address. All you have to do is print it out! With the help of the clear instructions, the step-by-step guide and the game plan, it takes no longer than half an hour to prepare.

The treasure hunt can be organised inside, outside or a bit of both! It works just as well for one or two kids or a whole group. It’s perfect for a family gathering at Easter or when you and your friends get together over the holiday weekend. The egg hunt can be played with or without challenges. If you play without challenges and you have fewer children, it takes about half an hour. If you play with challenges and have more children it takes around 45 minutes. Make Easter a bit more fun this year!

This version of the Easter Adventure is adapted for children aged 4-6 years. There is a slightly more difficult version for older children aged 7-10 years. Find it here>>