Scavenger hunt: TOP SECRET – The Agents’ Secret Mission


Send out agents on a really cool secret mission! They follow a map and receive clues and questions to answer on their mobile phones and along the way they also get secret messages from headquarters. You decide where, when and how far.


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Scavenger hunt: TOP SECRET - The Agents' Secret Mission

Send out agents on a really cool secret mission! They follow a map and receive clues and questions to answer on their mobile phones. They also receive messanges in secret envelopes from headquarters. The agents’ mission is to stop the legendary master thief’s next heist and reveal his or her identity! For children and teenagers from around 11 years old.

Easy to set up, unique, fun, challenging, and cool!

The agents’ colleague, Agent 00X, has been working on a case for a while and is hot on the trail of a legendary master thief. The master thief is known for spectacular heists, stealing priceless artworks, jewels, and other items considered impossible to steal. As a “signature,” they usually leave a gold-colored glove in place of the stolen goods. Agent 00X works undercover and has managed to get close to the master thief, sending some information to the agents when possible – but 00X must be very careful, as the master thief trusts no one. The agents are to follow in the thief’s and 00X’s footsteps and figure out details about the heist through the cryptic clues that Agent 00X manages to send them. The agents’ mission is to reveal the master thief’s identity and stop the next heist!

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This is how it works! 

This activity combines a map, clues, and questions to be answered on mobile phones, along with assistance in the form of secret envelopes from headquarters. One group of children can solve the mission or if you want to, up to 10 teams can compete against each other! The whole experience is super fun, challenging, and cool!

Upon ordering, you’ll receive an email with a link to a small organizer site. Here, you set up teams and determine where the teams should go. You can choose to send all your teams along the same route or create up to five different routes. You create the rounds by placing the 14 map pins for questions and the final position on a map of the area where you want to carry ot the scavenger hunt. You decide when, where, and how far!

Participants need a smartphone per team and need to download our free GrapevineGO app. You start each team by scanning a QR code generated on your organizer site – and off they go!

Participants follow the map on their phones, and as they approach a marked spot, the map pin becomes clickable, and they receive a clue from Agent 00X – along with a question to answer. They must figure out details such as where, when, and how the heist will take place, the identities of accomplices secured through fingerprints by Agent 00X, and much more. All these details will ultimately help the agents reveal the master thief’s identity – which is also the final question. Once the agents return to headquarters, the team’s timing ends. If you have competing teams, the team that answered the most questions correctly in the shortest time wins!

During the scavenger hunt, the agents also receive assistance from headquarters in the form of four secret envelopes. These envelopes contain messages from headquarters that guide the agents forward. You print out these messages from the product guide, place them in envelopes and label them “TOP SECRET” with the provided label. Practically, you can arrange the delivery of the envelopes in different ways, either by sending them along with the kids, placing them at various locations for delivery, or sending out one or more agents in black sunglasses to deliver them!

This is a slightly more challenging scavenger hunt, designed for children and teenagers from 11 years old and up. Some questions might be a bit more difficult, but there are answer choices for all questions, and participants can keep trying until they get the right answer. If an answer is incorrect, there’s a time penalty, and participants must wait for 30 seconds before trying the same question again. Only when they answer a question correctly do they see the next map position.

Participants only see one map position at a time and must answer the question before seeing the next one. This means you can keep the final destination secret until the last moment, which could, for example, be used to move a group of young people from one place to another, like a secret party venue!

After ordering, you’ll receive a treasure hunt guide with printable props. You’ll also get a link to your organizer’s site to set up the scavenger hunt and a guide.

Your organizer’s site includes two test teams that you can use to try out the scavenger hunt yourself before running it “live.” You choose the product size when ordering. If you want to have between 1-5 teams in the scavenger hunt, choose the option for up to 5 teams. If you want more teams, between 6-10 teams, choose the larger variant.

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1-5 teams, 6-10 teams

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Amanda W.

    Easy to plan the event and good fun for the kids. Nice idea to combine some info on paper with the app game.

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  2. 5 out of 5


    Exciting game for teens. Great experience

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