Mobile event: The Spy Hunt


A fun event on the go for adults! Two shady spies have stolen a trade secret. Which team can be the first to follow in their footsteps and retrieve the secret information?


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Mobile event: The Spy Hunt

A fun event on the go for adults! Two shady spies have stolen a corporate secret. Which team can be the first to follow in their footsteps and retrieve the secret information? The event can take participants from the office to a restaurant or a party venue, a tour around the city or just a turn around the block – you decide! Perfect for fun with colleagues or friends! 

A corporate secret has been stolen by two former agents who now work freelance doing “buzinez”. You have been assigned by the board of directors to discreetly follow the perpetrators and find out where they go with the information and, if possible, take it back. The spies have been caught on security cameras and identified as the not so professional Pyotr Romanovich Raskolnikov and Dmitry Ivanovich Khodorkovsky. They venture on a trip around the world to sell their booty – it is time for a spy hunt!

This is a humorous story in the footsteps of the spies. Teams follow a map on their mobile to map pins, where the next part of the story is revealed and fun questions must be answered to proceed.

This is how it works! 

When you order, you will receive an email with a link to a small organizer’s website. On this you post teams and decide where the teams should go. You can choose to send all your teams along the same track, or create up to five different routes. You create the routes by placing map pins for the various questions on a map of the area where you want to do the mobile event. You decide when, where and how far!

One smartphone with internet connection is needed per team. Each phone also need to have our free app GrapevineGO installed.

On the organizer’s website a QR code per team is generated and the event is started by scanning each team’s QR code with the app. Then it all gets going and the time start running. Participants see one map pin at a time, only when they have answered a question correctly do they see the next pin. If you answer a question incorrectly, you get a time penalty of 30 seconds before you get to try to answer the question again. However, the questions have multiple choice answers, so sooner or later the team can continue.

Since only the next pin is visible, it’s fun to run a mobile event with a secret final destination! You can use a mobile event to move a group from one place to another in a fun way, without revealing where it all ends. It can, for example, go from a meeting place, the home or the office to a restaurant or party venue.

When all teams have reached the final destination, a result is available on your organizer’s website. In this event teams can compete for time and the winner is the team that gets the most correct answers in the shortest time.

On your organizer’s website, there are two test teams that you can use to test the event yourself before running it “for real”.

You choose the size of the product when you order. If you want between 1-10 teams in your event, you choose this option, if you want more teams, you choose 11-20 teams. 

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1-10 teams, 11-20 teams

2 reviews for Mobile event: The Spy Hunt

  1. 5 out of 5

    Fred T.

    Awesome activity for our sales team event! We kicked it off as we left the office and kept the fun rolling all the way to the restaurant where our event was taking place.

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  2. 5 out of 5

    Stefan S.

    We used the game as a team building activity and it was perfect for the walk from the office to the restaurant. Easy to plan and play.

    Verified purchase. Find out more

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